36th Crow Pass Crossing

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Alaskan 22.5-mile backcountry footrace from Girdwood to Eagle River



Congrats to 2019 Crow Pass Crossing champions Christy Marvin and Scott Patterson and all the participants, plus our sponsors, volunteers, permitting agencies and organizers 

Orzel Productions, Crow Pass 2013

Max Romey Productions, Crow Pass 2014

Crow Pass, an iconic Alaskan footrace

In 1984, the Crow Pass Crossing began as a “28”-mile adventure from above Girdwood to the Eagle River Nature Center.

Since then, the event has “shrunk” to its accurate length of about 22.5 miles. It has also grown in stature as an iconic Alaskan footrace replete with stunning mountain and glacier views (if you dare look up from the highly technical trail), sloping snowfields, chest-high brush, a crossing of the frigid and fast-moving Eagle River, wildlife including bears, bees and moose, and countless rocks and roots that make staying upright a constant challenge. And there are no course markers or aid stations.

Hikers typically require two or more days to traverse the trail. The fastest Crow Pass racers now take less than three hours, though anyone finishing in under six hours gains immense satisfaction and respect as a Crow Pass Crossing finisher.





Thanks also to logo designer Amber McDonough, website designer Jay Mullen, our timers at Lazy Mountain Foothills Running Club, and all the other volunteers that make this event possible.